Today we shall be discussing about the Nikken Sport Socks. Everybody wants to have warm, clean and comfortable socks. Since people spend most of their time on their feet all day, they require socks that remain clean and comfortable no matter how many times you use them. The Nikken Sport Socks give you all that and much more than an ordinary sock could ever. are an amazing product that are designed to make you feel comfortable and energetic throughout the day. The Sport Socks are engineered to provide you the best experience in footwear with the help of a multitude of features. The socks include the exclusive Far-Infrared Technology that is designed to make use of special ceramic fibers woven into the material to absorb energy expended by the body and reflect it back in the form of far-infrared waves. These waves penetrate the skin and soothe the internal tissues while giving off gentle warmth, thereby naturally regulating the temperature of the body. The socks also release excess heat into the surroundings, giving you the most comfortable experience for your feet. Also woven into the fabric are nanosilver particles that effectively reduce the spread of bacteria and offer greater hygiene and a natural deodorizing effect. The material used in the production of the Sport Socks contains antistatic fibers that counteract the buildup of static electricity, an all-too-common problem with ordinary socks. The Sport Socks have been designed to incorporate a cushioned footbed and built-in arch support, providing for maximum comfort and less fatigue. Ideal for sport or as part of a causal wardrobe.   
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