Here are some tips on how you can appreciate the golf course view. Stop and admire it You might be worried about improving your golf game with cheap golf clubs , but don't forget to appreciate the beautiful landscaping and scenery around you. Not only are golf courses often stunning in their layout and construction, but also many courses are located in beautiful areas. So, when you are playing your next round make sure you stop and admire the golf course view. Take some pictures to capture the moment and remember that playing golf is not just about sport, but about getting outdoors and being closer to nature. Buy golf course view souvenirs If you have a chance to visit one of the more famous golf courses, then one of the best ways to remember the brilliant golf course view is to buy pictures or souvenirs of the landscape. You can find everything from t-shirts, key rings to cups and framed photographs. Relax in the resort Rather than just play a round of golf and leave, take a moment to relax in the golf course resort and use the facilities, many of which you can enjoy the golf course view from. Most top golf clubs will have restaurants and bars that overlook the landscape, allowing you to enjoy the atmosphere and appreciate the view around you whilst relaxing in luxury surroundings. Although it can be hard to tear yourself away from the concentration and competition of your round of golf, make sure you do take the time to appreciate the landscape of the course. Not only will you have a more enjoyable golf round, but also you will get more for your money.