Ralph Lauren T Shirts Paramore is Nothing Without Hayley Williams Even though Paramore is a band we all know that the star of the group is Hayley Williams. Regardless of the talent combined by all members, the singer always gets the credit. Unless you're a kick ass guitarist like Slash or Nuno Bettencourt, it's very rare that any other band member gets notoriety. So when Paramore had some members recently exit, brothers Josh and Zac Farro (Paramore's guitarist and drummer), it became a media circus. All the while this was going on I was thinking, "Who cares?" mnhdfjgh Ralph Lauren Shirt After the split, Williams and the rest of Paramore issued statements of positivity. We've always been treated as less important than Hayley." Ralph Lauren Kids Again, who cares? Of course Williams is getting her way, she's the one singing the lyrics. And frankly, Paramore would be nothing without Hayley Williams. The band might as well be called Hayley and Paramore. I've never heard of a story where someone says, "Paramore is horrible, except for the guitarist." I'm not saying that Farro is a bad musician or didn't contribute anything to the success; it's just that this is what happens in music. This is why bands split. There are too many egos in the industry and unfortunately there is only room for one ego Hayley Williams. I mean, look at Van Halen, if Eddie Van Halen was Josh Farro, David Lee Roth would never have left the band. View profile Ralph Lauren Polo Shirts September 29: Today's Notable BirthdaysHappy birthday to Gene Autry, Sebastian Coe, Bryant Gumbel, Madeline Kahn, Jerry Lee Lewis and others. Perhaps that stint in rehab did him some good after all. What is Van Halen requesting from Nike? gkocvbdfjgodfjg6 Read all about it!Eddie Van Halen to Enter RehabLegendary rock guitarist Eddie Van Halen said on Thursday that he would be entering rehab.