Good putting is crucial to a good golf score. If you're hitting the ball poorly, good putting can make up for it and save you. If you're hitting the ball well, good putting will lower your score that much more. There's a reason the best putters and short game players dominate golf. Putting and the rest of your golf game are completely different. Putter Shaft Length - If you're serious about your golf game with clubs from golf clubs for sale online shop you may want to have the shaft of your putter custom made so that it naturally fits your correct putting stance. This will improve your putting stance and the quality of your putting swing. Grip - While there are only a few popular options on your golf swing grip, there are almost as many putting grips as there are golfers. Select a grip that is comfortable and allows for a smooth putting stroke with taylormade burner plus irons . You want your thumbs to rest on a flat surface of the grip. Improving Your Direction - Your putter head should be perpendicular to the line of the target. This can take some practice so here is something you can try. Make a mark on your ball. Pick up your ball with burner plus irons and set it back down. Place the golf ball so that the mark is pointing toward the target line.