Premier 1-year surprise! the Blues really into relegation team dark horse from the bottom to the top   1 year ago 2014-15 Premier League after 16 rounds of the season, Chelsea 12-3-1-39-1th, Leicester City 2-4-10-10 points in last place. 1 year later, 2015-16 season 16, Chelsea 1-2 defeat at Leicester City fifa coins online , Jose Mourinho's side fell to 16th place, high relegation only 1 minute, Leicester top. 1 surprise in the Premier League, Chelsea quickly reduced, Leicester City progress much, amazing.   Maheleisi assists Ouardi scored in the first half, Adjara to injury, Chelsea 0-1 backward; maheleisi goal for Leicester City in the second half lead, Remy substitute to score a goal, Chelsea defeat Leicester City 1-2 away, suffered 2 defeats in the Premier League; Leicester City returned to the Premier League the 1th.   Even Leicester City himself did not think that they would be so good this season. 2-1 win over Chelsea, coach Claudio Ranieri said: "our goal is 40 minutes, still 5 minutes. Got it after 5 minutes, we'll talk about other goals. "4 months ago if you shout" Leicester City was a champion "slogan, people will look at you with a strange eye, but now, Mourinho admits that Leicester City win? Why not? Click Here
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