According to the "Legal Evening News" reported that following the taxi ride together policy came out, year in Beijing also plans to introduce a private minibus "carpool" guidance. Beijing Municipal Traffic Commission made clear yesterday, for an aggregate of private passenger cars introduced this year by suggestion schemes, is currently being studied in depth, some preliminary results. Currently, more developed guidance direction, details have surfaced, involves riding together to encourage public support for carpools cost-sharing, and not simply considered an illegal operation and so on. Will encourage public private car carpool carpooling currently widespread, the Beijing Municipal Traffic adidas crazy light Commission has made it clear: For the private views of small passenger cars and multiplication scheme introduced this year, dgdagfa0702 is currently being studied in depth. Transportation Committee, said studying the encouragement riding together on public support measures, such as selection "of people riding together" to award social benefits significantly carpools website. Meanwhile, the cost-sharing riding together, not simply considered illegal operations. However, the right to take the name of co-operation would not hesitate to engage in illegal, will be enforceable. It is understood that for the "small passenger carpools guidance," the study and formulation, the vehicle's passenger load Adidas Rose Dominate factor improved to become an important urban transport direction of future development. Has been involved in small passenger carpools guidance for comments, ride sponsors, ride Charity Fund Administrative Committee Wang calculations and concluded: ride every day can reduce 10% -25% of the vehicles . In Beijing 5,000,000 cars, for example, 10% of the minimum standards of the "downwind" proportional calculation, removing the daily average tail number limit line of 1 million cars a day can effectively reduce the 400,000 vehicles travel. Aggregate fees shall be guided by Wang said carpooling in developed countries has become more mature models,