and there was only 43 toms outlet hours to run the machine under armour outlet kind of trainee lululemon outlet captain's seat sitting holding a joystick. South Korean Ministry of Land and the 7th Asiana Airlines, said the findings show that at 11:28 on the 6th (local time) at the San Francisco airport accident OZ214 Asiana Airlines flights in the accident was vice captain Lee powers (sound ) was sitting in the captain gallery. LI Qiang-2001 type for Transport Pilot certificate for Asiana shipping interns, so far run medium-sized passenger aircraft A320 reached 9,793 hours, but for the large aircraft accident B777-200ER, his driver's license to obtain models Only after flying 43 hours.Depending on the aircraft, hermes outlet aircraft control louis vuitton outlet methods are different, ray ban outlet to fly other aircraft models need to obtain a new license. Aviation pilots operating an aircraft in pairs, in principle, be responsible for the pilot sitting in the captain gallery takeoff, landing and other manipulation. Timing of the accident Lee Jung Min (sound) in the co-pilot sitting as the leading aircraft in exceptional circumstances PIC running the post. In this regard, the Department of Homeland Korean officials said, from the time of the accident are starting to sit in the captain Lee powerhouse gallery holding the joystick, "The flight was being 'tommy hilfiger outlet instructors' captain and 'michael kors outlet trainee' is Vice-captain michael kors outlet of the flight training. " When the accident occurred, the San Francisco airport runway 28L navigation device fault occurs, try to manually manipulate members during landing accidents. San Francisco Airport was faulty navigation device has the world regarding the airlines were notified. Asiana Airlines CEO Yin Yong Doo in reporter conference that the instrument is abnormal, set at the head office of the command device will automatically display the exception details, but this did not appear until the plane landed any abnormal signal, eliminating the flawed body possible.  
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