the first thing that i would recommend you do before you approach a woman is that she imagine that is some old friend or acquaintance. when you are about to approach some random stranger, your brain goes into overdrive mode and starts shooting off 10,000 thoughts a minute trying to size up the whole situation. by trying to make your mind genuinely think that you 'are approaching someone that you' are familiar with, you are going to be much more settled during the approach and you will come across as much more confident.  obsession phrases   for opening the conversation, try to pick up on something interesting on them to ask about them. more often than not, you should be able to find something. if you can not think of anything, you might just start off with the regular hello, but it is vital that you 'find a topic of conversation quickly. it does not matter what you talk about, but you just have to be talking about something. once you have the conversation going, you should try using this technique commonly known as parroting. basically, you are just taking the last couple of words said to your conversation partner, and using it to ask her a question or starthe a new topic. women are never short of things to say, but you just have to direct the conversation. when you are tyingto make friends with someone, making a joke at their expense is probably going to make them feel offended and they are probably not going to want to be around you. however, you are not trying to make friends here. you are trying to create attraction. tease is a vital component of attraction. this does not mean that you 'should be a jerk and make the girl feel inferior. this simply means that you 'should just give her a hard time about little things. it will keep the conversation fun and exciting and help create a sexual tension. ***