Worse, even if it turned out after the fact that two Nikes were, indeed, a match for everything Byng had, Byng wouldn't know that ahead of time, either. For that matter, he'd never admit it—probably even to himself—cheap monster beats by dre outlet no matter how much air jordan shoes evidence anyone presented to him before the shooting started. Michelle had seen enough Manticoran officers who were capable of that sort of self-delusion when it suited their prejudices. Someone like monster beats by dre outlet Byng would be able to pull that off effortlessly. And if he doesn't recognize—or admit—the threat even exists, then the "cheap jordan shoes outlet  threat" won't deter him for a moment, will it? she thought jordan shoes for sale bitingly. Aside, of course, from the possibility that monster beats 2013 taking out our "outnumbered and outgunned" picket would be crossing a line he may have specific orders not to cross. Yeah. Sure cheap jordan shoes he does.  If you're willing to air jordan 2013 bank on that, girl, don't be accepting any real estate deals that involve bridges or magic beans! She grimaced, then inhaled deeply and glanced over her shoulder at Lieutenant Commander Edwards. "Contact Devastation, Bill. My compliments to Commander Cramer, and would it be convenient for him cheap beats outlet to join me for dinner monster beats outlet here aboard Artemis at, say, monster outlet eighteen-thirty hours?" "Aye, aye, Ma'am," the com officer replied, and Michelle turned her attention to Gervais Archer. "As for you, Gwen," she said with a black grape 5s smile, "you get to go tell Chris that Commander Cramer will be joining cheap jordans shoes us cheap monster beats outlet for dinner. Make sure Captain Armstrong and Commander Dallas know they're invited, as well." "Yes, Ma'am," Gervais replied gravely. He supposed some might argue that the admiral was being just a bit presumptuous to be organizing dinner parties when the guest of honor hadn't confirmed that he'd jordans for sale be present. On the other hand, it was just a bit difficult for Gervais to conceive of any commander who wouldn't somehow find it possible to fit an invitation from any admiral into his schedule, no matter how busy it beats outlet might be. "Oh, and, Bill," Michelle said, glancing back at Edwards.  "While you're sending out the invitations, go ahead and invite Captain Conner and Commander Houseman, too."   Commander Wesley Cramer of Her Majesty's Starship Devastation was a hard-bitten looking officer, forty-one T-years old (which made him three T-months monster beats by dr dre outlet younger than his own cruiser), with dark hair and quartz-hard gray eyes. His neatly clipped mustache cheap beats by dre outlet mostly hid cheap monster outlet a scar on his upper lip, one of several souvenirs of a bruising Saganami Island rugby career, and it didn't look as if he'd mellowed a great deal since leaving the Academy. Which, Michelle reflected, suited her just buy black grape 5s fine, under the circumstances. She examined him with carefully hidden jordan shoes outlet intensity as Gervais Archer ushered him into the magnificent monster beats outlet 2013 dining cabin BuShips had seen fit to provide for her. Despite the fact that jordan black grape 5s he was both the commander of a Queen's ship and currently the senior officer assigned to Tillerman, he was also junior to every officer in the compartment except Archer himself. If he was black grape 5s for sale particularly aware of that fact, however, it didn't seem to weigh too black grapes heavily upon him. "Commander Cramer," Gervais beats by dre outlet murmured to her by way of formal introdmction, and she extended her right hand.