Van Gaal wasted 300 million pound class favorite disciples than Mourinho danger!   Champions the League after losing to promoted sides, the Sun newspaper statistics Louis van Gaal last season than the former record in the same period Moyes, he spent more than 300 million pound signings and Moyes has signed only a marouane Fellaini. Now van Gaal has been questioned, fifa 16 coins his odds for 50/1 class, became favourites of dismissal, Mourinho than lose again this season even more dangerous.   Champions League after two defeats, British media and his predecessor Louis van Gaal compared Moyes, although this is his second season. Fanjiaerhao throw 300 million pounds signing, Moyes bought a former marouane Fellaini. Two man team after playing the same number of games and lost 5 games, but a draw master Louis van Gaal   8 times and rivals buried the hatchet, Moyes has 6 times. Louis van Gaal's Manchester United goals particularly difficult, 0-0 Eindhoven, 0-0 lower-level team at Middlesbrough, 0-0 West Ham, put people to sleep. Moyes Manchester United scoring more, and less offensive player who can choose.
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