Because of many adverse conditions, such as high moisture content, high coal slime and high viscosity, the water and low heat value, it is difficult to be applied in the industry. Since the reform and open policy, the national economy has developed rapidly. Coal production has been the first in the world, at the same time. The situation of market also has changed greatly, the depth and extent of coal processing begins to develop rapidly. The output of coal slime obviously rises; the comprehensive utilization of coal slime has become the problem which is needed urgently. Rotary dryer is the most commonly used drying equipment in the coal industry, construction industry, the mineral processing industry and chemical industry, is mainly suitable for drying of material, such as the coal slime, slag, and metal concentration. Especially in the era of energy crisis, saving energy and reducing consumption is particularly important. So we did the new study and development: when rotary dryer starts up, it not only needs to overcome frictional forces between axles and bearings, but also overcome the inertia of barrel and the material, so we should choose the motor which can start torque; The material needs to happen series of changes in the rotary dryer, therefore, the speed of rotary dryer also be needed to do corresponding change which can turn fast and turn slow. The technical personnel of Henan Hongxing Machinery Co., LTD are aiming mainly at characteristics of the coal slime, they have designed and developed new rotary dryer. Through to the drying and production requirements of material and the reasonable design, the new rotary dryer can reduce energy consumption, conservation of resources, reduce the production cost, and improve the market competitiveness of products. china dryer:  
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