Courie said it has found SA life record depends on the battle     According to the San Francisco Chronicle reported, through the Warriors beat the Spurs game, Stephen Curry [Twitter] thinks he has discovered the Spurs ' defensive approach, nba 2k16 mt for sale and he hoped that tomorrow's game away to Spurs tests his theory. Warrior a 79-87 loss to the San Antonio Spurs games this season, only 4 of 18 shots in the Gallery had 14 points and season-low, one three-pointer in a 12-for-1. But this week's Warrior 112-101 home win over San Antonio in the, Curry scored 29 points in a 19-11.   "In that game in San Antonio they (Spurs) on my defense, and I think they're coming to my defense, I watched the video and make adjustments. "Curry said," I didn't try to find three-opportunity, but breaking through the box and pass the ball disrupted their balance. ”   "I made myself slow down, really. Any game, if someone makes the madness of adjustment, you have to be patient and to find ways to attack. I played in that game in San Antonio is not good, but I was in the last game (and the Spurs) made suitable adjustments to the game. ” Buy Now