Subversion series dunk action of gravity realistic meaning for the sneakers, plus a special tongue, make the "fast" the hallmark of this shoe. As Do spike in The movie "(" Do The Right Thing") in The big sing a tribute to The function of AJ Ⅳ again; Recently, rappers, Rick Rick (haven't Rick), said he is interested in the 2006 series of basketball shoes number into restoring ancient ways. AJ Ⅳ after launch, the AIR JORDAN series was really into the dictionary of modern culture. The AIR JORDAN V: 1989-1990 (February 1990) increase our shoes fit of locking Air Jordan 5 Strong, reflective tongue, transparent rubber outsole grip lebron 7 effect. Michael Jordan and Hatfield again with these innovative elements beyond the first few basketball shoe design. Michael in the game against the Cleveland team try on the shoes, with 69 points, the average 33.6 points per game for the fourth time won the scoring title. This shoe design is inspired by "mustang" fighter planes during world war ii, can see jets on the bottom side of the shark teeth marks. AIR JORDAN Ⅵ: 1990-1991 (February 1991), Michael, after seven years in the league, led the Chicago bulls for the NBA champions for the first time Army, and to a 4-1 feat of frustration "magic Johnson led the Los Angeles lakers. This is Show Time ruling dynasty in the 80 s to 90 s, MJ with the bulls dynasty "torch handover" moment. During this period, he won the fifth scoring title, a second league most valuable player, again in the NBA all-star game and won the NBA finals most valuable player. AIR JORDAN Ⅶ: 1991-1992 (February 1992) Equipped with fit structure of neoprene insoles AIR JORDAN Ⅶ "comfortable" is a word with new meaning Air Jordan 7 Righteousness. At the same time, the bulls vocal role in 1991-1991 season, Michael continue to redefine the basketball game, and the basketball court into his personal show. What is "extra"? "Air legend" (" His Airness ") for this year's icon to bring the second ring, and the sixth scoring title, especially as a member of the American basketball "dream team" legend, into the Barcelona won Olympic gold medal. AIR JORDAN Ⅷ: 1992-1993 (February 1993) AIR JORDAN Ⅷ is the first used reverse type fold the collar shape material of shoe leather, also equipped with a Velcro lace-up and thickening gasket in order to improve the supporting Stability. Ⅷ only three different color combination, makes the brand series in one of the most popular sneakers. Michael heyday in the 93 final performance, scoring record, created the final battle with the SUNS won 41 cents on average, pave the air jordan take flight way to win a third championship title AIR JORDAN Ⅸ: 1993-1994 (February 1993) For nine years of finely crafted, created this minimalist classic products, shoe sole design with the logo and language. Michael was involved in the design, and this shoe fondle admiringly, but he did not wear the shoes for the first time in the competition. This shoes listed timing in November 1993, namely, "air Jordan" retired before a month, which is over, in his championship trophy again and after countless individual awards. Michael Jordan to follow his childhood dream, began his small professional baseball league career. Naturally, AJ Ⅸ tennis shoes after redesigned become baseball cleats. The first generation of Jordan shoes appeared in 1985, 94 and 01 NIKE company has two production again the shoes Jordan 1 generation to the league ban issued from the beginning, when the bulls coach won't allow god to wear this pair of shoes, the reason is that with the team's jersey color, and David stern is introduced fines for Jordan, $1000 for the first time, first time $2000, and every time until the last $5000, which finally led to Joe 1 snapping up. Nike also first shook the converse position on the basketball shoes. Jordan 1 generation USES white and red three color, hard rubber sole, no technology content, in fact, this pair of shoes is very heavy, but it is the beginning of an era. Second generation 1986 Jordan 2 generation of concise jordan shoes for sale design is the main reason why many people fascinated it, plug wings basketball from upper on the tongue. This shoe is still not high technology content, is still hard wear-resisting soles, but on the upper material fastidious, the sneakers made its debut in 1986, the third generation 1986 this is the real first generation of air Jordan 3 generation QiDianXie, Nike USES a visible air cushion for the first time, is located in the bottom after of this shoes. This is Jordan series for the first time used the trapeze signs, since this flag was officially used to Jordan brand of all kinds of goods. Joe officially launched in 31987 the fourth 1988 Jordan 4 generation, this shoes is the most impressive: dynamic trapeze signs, handwritten wording, the flight was full of jumping. This ingenious design saved the Nike and air Jordan brand, because the two generations, three generations of the sales is not very good. After configuration: palm cushion, the ball shock rubber fifth generation 1989 Jordan 5 generations, officially launched in 1989. The first application of reflective material, also used the development of the new Nike can jordans women clean surface and sole. This shoes used 4 generations of technology on the function, shape a more modern, more beautiful, the ball jump outside stripe design, as well as the Jordan logo on the shoes tongue grace many sixth generation 1990 Jordan 6 generations, officially launched in 1990. Because the bulls win, 90-90 season. Six generations in design for the first time put forward the concept of rubber shoelace strainer, the strainer is very popular at that time, designers apply it onto the six generations of shoelaces, which you can easily fasten shoelaces also have very good adornment effect. In the sole adopted advanced translucent rubber soles, strengthened the grip. If you look carefully will find that hidden in the shoes of the word "23", article 2 is upper lateral support of big pattern, 3 is on the bottom of the sole of the lateral pattern