According to the size of the dry process rotary kiln, the start completely cooled rotary calciner kiln needs 50-150 tons of standard fuel. However, contrary to the normal operating procedures of the rotary calciner kiln, it is easy to cause that result that the kiln stopped several times, and the kiln stopped a long time, every month the rotary calciner kiln had to be re-light, so increase workload. But stopping the kiln will not only increase in fuel consumption, but also the production will be affected. Stopping kiln has inevitably damaged to the kiln skin and part kiln lining, and will lead to the new kiln lining cracks. The damage of the kiln burning zone can cause slow-down kiln for a long time, to be able to make new kiln lining. Strictly abide by the kiln's operating procedures, and make the kiln operate continuously, which are the important means of energy-saving. Different forms of lime rotary kiln, its structural form and the calcined form differ. After cooling, in addition to the combustion zone, the gas flow in the ore rotary kiln, the approximated flow of the gas in the flash tube step, generally flowing state belongs to the turbulent range. Combustion air blower into the kiln under more uniform air velocity distribution along the kiln cross-section, but in the kiln hood and kiln end airflow velocity distribution by kiln hood, kiln and smoke chamber shape and confined. Its structure and calcined forms differ, so right idea at an improper time, at an improper time right idea, take the thin material fast forward, wet production due to the high heat consumption , but also has other incinerators do not have the advantages. Raw materials made of mud, heterogeneous feedstock adaptability, fast forward to take thin material the wet production due to the high heat consumption, energy consumption, and then by skew bridge skip expected to enhance the dry process rotary kiln roof loaded by the hopper and then by rotating cloth uniform cloth into the kiln. circumgyrate cement kiln:  
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