Q: I like to be capable of capture video from like youtube, online video, dvd movies or capture computer screen what are you doing and have it as being a saved file on my home pc so i could use it for a single of my videos. so any plan?   A: to capture videos on PC, a beneficial screen capture program is very critical. Right here, I’d like to introduce a highly effective screen capture plan - Movavi Screen Capture Studio Business (This program is 20%-44.01% and cross-sell discount 30% off now.)   Movavi Screen Capture Studio Business can nicely capture any type of video clips such as desktop videos, live streaming videos, and over the internet movies as well as permit you to capture games. On the other hand, you possibly can use this amazing tool to edit your recorded video clips, save them for many different favorite video formats and even share them over the internet.   Following, let’s check out out easy methods to capture and record videos with Movavi Screen Capture Studio Business.   Step 1: set up and open the Movavi Screen Capture Studio Business in your home pc.   Step 2: From the Screencast drop-down menu in the left upper corner in the program window, decide on the suitable mode: Capture Screencast, Capture Online Video or Capture Game.   Step 3: While in the Capture Area, click on the Select button:     The capturing rectangle will seem on the screen.   Note: If you need to record a game, choose the Capture Game option and launch the game. In that situation the Select button can be inactive and the full screen can be recorded.   Step 4: If you have selected the Capture Screencast or Capture Online Video option, decide on the place on your screen to record by using the capturing rectangle.   For those who have chosen some small area on your screen (i.e. the screen of an online video player), the Custom screen resolution parameters can be specified instantly within the Capture Area in the program window.   Step 5: if you need audio for being recorded, decide on the Audio checkbox and decide upon the recording supply through the drop-down menu.   Step 6: Click REC.   The recording operation will commence as well as the following window will seem on the screen:     Right here you possibly can see the duration of the recorded clip, set up the volume level, delete, pause or stop recording.   Note: If you happen to record the whole screen, right after clicking the REC button, Movavi Screen Capture Studio minimizes to the notification area of the taskbar. You possibly can operate the operation by using the Hot Keys.   Right after clicking the Stop button, the following window can be opened:     Now you possibly can save the recorded file to 1 with the available file formats.