Core suspected by Benitez Real Madrid last season snow about 6 half bench   "In coach class, all of us feel unhappy, we are all very sad. "Crosse voice has not landed, he became a spectator when the Real Madrid against Villarreal. In the case of Real Madrid behind early, cross all is frozen on the bench. Benitez put on three substitutes, fifa 16 ut coins    namely, ISCO, Kovacic, and Hermann Hesse. ISCO and Hermann Hesse which attacker was put on is understandable, but Benitez would rather use Kovacic don't cross, sparking fears the Madrid media. After losing games, the Aspen daily news and the Marca discusses the situation of cross.   At the start of the season, the cross has been a real driving force. But after the clasico, Krause's status has changed. After the clasico, Real Madrid played a total of 6 matches, she participated in only 3 games, starting number is only 2 games. In the League, Krause started against Ehrvall and Getafe, and played the full game. In the Champions League against miners, cross bench played for 28 minutes. Against Malmo in the Champions League, Kings Cup match against Cadiz and tournament tonight against the submarine, all cross didn't get a chance.   Against Malm? and Cadiz, Krause get rested is something reasonable, after all, he has 1486 minutes this season, this data is the NO.1 team midfielder. But the case rested in midweek, opportunities for cross is still not being against submarines, which were quite interesting. In the defensive midfield position, Benitez select Luka modric and Casemiro. In the position of attacking midfielder, Benitez chose Bell and j-Lo. cheap fifa 16 coins  
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