Quenneville said. "It'll be a nice challenge for him, a nice check."Crawford has not had a complete game off since Oct. 24, when Nikolai Khabibulin lost a 6-5 shootout to the Tampa Bay Lightning. The NHL will take a break in its schedule from Feb. 9-25 to permit its players to participate in the 2014 Sochi Olympics. It is something the League has Sidney Crosby Jersey completed since 1998.But a decade before the NHL decided to let all of its players participate in the Olympic Games, Jim Peplinski traded in his Calgary Flames jersey for the chance to play for his country.   Back in 1988 it wasn't commonplace for NHL players to participate in the Winter Olympics, but Jim Peplinksi could go thanks to a close connection between team possession and Hockey Canada. (Picture: Dave Sandford/NHLI)The IIHF had given the OK for professionals to participate in the 1988 Winter Olympics in Calgary, but the NHL was still a decade away from signing on. However, there was no ban on individual teams allowing players to play. Peplinski, a rugged eight-year veteran who had scored as plenty of as 30 goals for the Flames, was offered the chance to play because of the close connection between team possession and Hockey Canada."The Flames owners were supportive of Hockey Canada and the Olympics, and the organization had committed to build the Saddledome to support the Olympics in 1988," Peplinski told NHL.com. "That appreciation for the Olympics and desirous to assist carried through the possession, then and now, and so they volunteered a player's services and I got a chance to play."The Flames were willing to let Peplinski go, but they wanted him for as long as feasible before they traded in his flaming "C" jersey for a Maple Leaf sweater. That cost him a chance to enjoy a number of the trimmings of the Olympics."We played in Philadelphia on a [Friday], Washington on a Sunday afternoon.   The opening ceremonies were that Sunday," they said . "I flew out right after the game, got accredited on a Monday, missed the opening ceremonies, missed the https://www.primalpictures.com/sidneycrosbyjersey.html first game, played every second day and the Saturday weeks forward, I got on a plane to Edmonton to play the Oilers and missed the closing ceremonies."It was a drink with a fire hose -- , fast and unique."Peplinski wasn't the only player who had played in the NHL or would do so later in his career -- goaltender Andy Moog and defenseman Randy Gregg had won Stanley Cups with the Edmonton Oilers, and goalie Sean Burke went on to have a long NHL career as a player and now as a coach. But of the 22 players listed on Hockey Canada's roster for the Calgary Games, only Peplinski is listed as being with a club other than the Canadian National Men's Team.While Peplinski understandably was excited by the chance to play in the Olympics and do so in the city they called home, they still feels bad about parachuting onto a team with a group of players who had been playing together."I would say there were regrets, in retrospect," they said. "One was that  
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