So you want to hunt some deer! Well you may be keen and have your gun loaded and ready for action but there are a few things that you need to know first. Any experinced hunter will tell you that planning is key and by reading these tips it will help you bag your first deer in no time. Start early. You need to take note that the hunting season is restricted by the time of year and also by how light it is. Do not fire your gun before daybreak of after dusk to ensure the total safety of all of your colleagues. However, one of the best deer hunting tips you can follow is to start early. You should be in your deer stand or hunting blind before sunrise. Getting there that early will diminish the possibility of being noticed by the deer and allow you to be in place when レイバン メガネ the first specimens begin coming out for a drink and a bite to eat as the sun rises. Stay late. Those who have gathered knowledge and give out deer hunting tips frequently will tell you that the best times to bag a deer are sunrise and sunset. The lighting at these times of the day can actually confuse the sight of the deer, and they will be out in greater numbers because, aside from filling their stomachs at these times as a rule, they will be less likely to see you. Avoid scents. Do not wear perfume, cologne, after shave, or even strongly scented deodorant. Keep unnatural smells to a minimum so that you disrupt the highly sensitive sense of smell that a deer has as little as possible. Be aware of the scent you are giving off, the smell of a human is a real deterrent to deer so try to blend in with the countryside. This is one of the few times in life you may be better off showering later rather than in the morning before entering the woods.Being silent will increase your chances of a deer sighting considerably. While you are out there to have fun with your friends, deer also have a keen sense of hearing and anything above a whisper (and even a whisper if it is a particularly quiet day) can be heard by many cautious deer. This is the most important tip among deer hunting tips, レイバン ウェイファーラー as even the slightest sound as you are lining up for a shot can lose that prized buck for you. While レイバン サングラス there are more detailed tips available to make sure you get the most out of your trip, these deer hunting tips are the basics and will get you started down the road to success and enjoyment as a deer hunter.Article Directory: now you have all of the knowledge of an experienced deer hunter why don t you enjoy more information, tips, tricks and techniques by visiting => It would be worth your while to get hold of a copy of a free report on planning your perfect hunting trip while your there.   
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