Seward said he would be glad to adopt the remarks, and, giving them more of the phraseology usual in diplomatic tiffany pendants circles, send them to Lord Palmerston, the British premier. "Then," said Secretary Stanton, "came the demonstration. The President, half wheeling in his seat, threw one leg over the chair-arm, and, holding the letter in his hand, said, 'Seward, tiffany earrings do you suppose Palmerston will understand our position from that letter, just as it is?' "'Certainly, Mr. President.' "'Do you suppose the London Times will?' "'Certainly. ' "'Do you suppose the average Englishman of affairs will?' "'Certainly; it tiffany & outlet cannot be mistaken in England.' "'Do you suppose that a hackman out on his box (pointing to the street) will understand it?' "'Very readily, Mr. President.' "'Very well, Seward, I guess we'll let her slide just as she is.' "And the letter did 'slide,' and settled the whole business in a manner that was effective." BROUGHT THE HUSBAND UP. One morning President Lincoln asked Major Eckert, on duty at the White House, "Who is that woman crying out in the hall? What is the matter with her?" Eckert said it was a tiffany necklaces woman who had come a long distance expecting to go tiffany keyrings down to the army to see her husband. An order had gone out a short time before to allow no women in the army, except in special cases. Mr. Lincoln sat moodily for a moment after hearing this story, tiffany jewelry outlet and suddenly looking up, said, "Let's send her down. You write the order, Major." Major Eckert hesitated a moment, and replied, "Would it not be better for Colonel Hardie to write the order?" "Yes," said Mr. Lincoln, "that is better; let Hardie write it." The major went out, tiffany engagement rings and soon returned, saying, "Mr.  President, would it not be better in this case to let the woman's husband come to Washington?" cheap mk purses outlet Mr. Lincoln's face lighted up with pleasure. "Yes, yes," was the michael kors outlet stores President's answer in a relieved tone; "that's the best way; bring him up." The order was written, and the man was sent to Washington. tiffany & co outlet NO WAR WITHOUT BLOOD-LETTING. "tiffany and co outlet  You can't carry on war without blood-letting," said Lincoln one michael kors purses outlet day.  The President, although almost feminine in his kind-heartedness, knew not only this, but also that large bodies of soldiers in camp tiffany charms were at the mercy of diseases of every sort, the result being a heavy casualty list. Of the (estimated) half-million men of the tiffany bracelets Union armies who gave up their lives in the tiffany outlet War of the Rebellion--1861-65--fully seventy-five per cent died of disease. The soldiers killed upon the field of battle constituted a comparatively small tiffany cufflinks proportion of the casualties. LINCOLN'S TWO DIFFICULTIES. London "michael kors handbags outlet  Punch" caricatured President Lincoln in every possible way, holding him and the Union cause up to the ridicule michael kors store online of the world so far as it could. On August 23rd, 1862, its cartoon cheap michael kors 2013 outlet entitled "Lincoln's Two Difficulties" cheap mk bags outlet had the text underneath: LINCOLN: "Michael kors outlet  What? No money! No men!" "cheap michael kors Bags store outlet  Punch" desired to create the impression that the Washington Government was in a bad way, lacking both money and men for michael kors outlet online the purpose of putting down the tiffany sets Rebellion; that the United States tiffany rings Treasury was bankrupt, and the people tiffany co outlet of the North so devoid of patriotism that they would not send men for the army to assist in destroying the Confederacy.