2.Two Mountains and Montmorenci System. " The dislocations giving rise to this system took place," in Marcou's opinion, " at the end of the deposit of cheap michael kors 2013 outlet the first group of Lower Silurian cheap mk purses outlet that is, after the formation of the Potsdam group. tiffany cufflinks Its direction appears to be approximative  E. 40  N. and W. 40  S. The beds of the Potsdam group are greatly tiffany co outlet elevated near the junction with the Metamorphic rocks, and are often metamorphosed themselves, which gives them a very hard quartzite aspect. The localities tiffany pendants where this system of dislocation can be best observed are the environs of Quebec, especially between the Montmorenci and lndian Lorette Falls  Mount Calvary, in Two Mountains country, near Montreal  and Little Falls, cheap michael kors bags store outlet in the S tate of New York. The movement that gave rise to these dislocations was much less considerable than when the Laurentine System appeared, and was not felt at distant localities it has only modified some parts of the preceding upheaval, by crossing and penetrating it to form small chains adjacent to this older raage of mountains."3.Montreal System.  " In many localities, and especially tiffany and co outlet at Montmorenci and at the Little Falls, the beds of the second group of Lower Silurian, or Trenton group, are found deposited horizontally on tiffany outlet very michael kors store online much inclined strata of the Potsdam group, tiffany rings presenting, consequently, very discordant stratification. These michael kors purses outlet beds, forming the Trenton group, have also been subjected to dislocations soon after they were deposited. Without presenting any great projections, tiffany keyrings or marks of much disturbance and upheaval, these dislocations, which took place after the de NFL Jerseys Cheap NFL Jerseys Sale posit tiffany & co outlet of the second group of Lower Silurian, are nevertheless very clearly marked, and have left very remarkable traces, especially in Lower tiffany charms Canada.  The summit of the mountain that overlooks michael kors handbags outlet Montreal cheap mk bags outlet is formed of dykes of greenstone or Trap, which have entirely crossed the beds of the Trenton group, and are even spread over them. Several other dykes of trap, which are found in the same position on different points of the borders of the Ottawa tiffany & outlet River, as well michael kors outlet stores as the Mountains of Beloeil, Rougemont, Montanville, and Johnson, near the Rivers Kichelieu, Huron, and Yamaska, appear to belong to t he same system of dislocation, whose tiffany bracelets general direction would be precisely from east to west. l think traces of tfre Montreal systern will be found in other regions, and particularly in Upper Canada and the State of New York. "4.Notre Dame Mountain System. This system Marcou tiffany sets holds to date " from the end of the deposition of the Lower Silurian." The " numerous strata of michael kors outlet online black Schist, distinguished in the State tiffany engagement rings of New York by the name of tiffany earrings Utica and Hudson River group," " which form almost entirely the banks of the liiver Richelieu, of the St. Lawrence lower than tiffany necklaces Montreal, and on which is situated  the City of Quebec, have been michael kors outlet upheaved along the whole of this line, to Cape Roziere at the extremity of Gasp6. The Notre Dame Mountains, formed of eruptive and metamorphic rocks, some of tiffany jewelry outlet whose summits attain 3,500 feet, owe their origin entirely to this movement, whose general direction appears to be E.