" "It is all right," replied the President; "I shall probably find it on my return." "THEM GILLITEENS." The illustrated newspapers of the United States and England had a good deal of fun, not only with President Lincoln, but the latter's Cabinet officers tiffany & outlet and military commanders as well. It was said by these funny publications that the tiffany pendants President had set up a tiffany necklaces guillotine in his "back-yard," where all those who offended were beheaded with both neatness, and despatch. "Harper's Weekly" of January 3rd, 1863, contained a cartoon labeled "Those Guillotines; a Little Incident at the tiffany engagement rings White House," the personages figuring tiffany and co outlet in the "incident" being Secretary of War Stanton and a Union general who had been unfortunate enough to lose a battle to the Confederates.  Beneath the cartoon was the following dialogue: SERVANT: "If ye plase, sir, them michael kors outlet stores Gilliteens has arrove." MR. LINCOLN: "All right, Michael. Now, tiffany co outlet gentlemen, will you be kind enough to step out in the back-yard?" The hair tiffany charms and whiskers of Secretary of War Stanton are ruffled and awry, and his features are not calm and undisturbed, indicating that he has an idea of what's the matter in that back-yard; the countenance of the officer in the rear of the tiffany & co outlet Secretary tiffany earrings of War wears rather michael kors store online an anxious, or worried, look, and his hair isn't combed smoothly, either.  President Lincoln's frequent changes among army commanders--before he found Grant, Sherman and Sheridan--afforded an opportunity the caricaturists did not neglect, and some very clever cartoons were the consequence. "CONSIDER THE SYMPATHY OF LINCOLN." Consider the sympathy of Abraham Lincoln. Do you know the tiffany jewelry outlet story of William Scott, private? He was a boy michael kors outlet online from a Vermont farm. There had been a long march, and the night succeeding it he had stood on picket. The next day there had been another long march, and that night William Scott cheap michael kors 2013 outlet had volunteered to stand guard in the place of a tiffany bracelets sick comrade who had been drawn for the duty. It was too much for William Scott.  He Michael kors outlet was too tired. He had been found cheap mk purses outlet sleeping on tiffany outlet his beat. The army was at Chain Bridge. It was in a dangerous neighborhood. Discipline must be kept. William Scott was apprehended, tried by court-martial, sentenced to be shot. tiffany cufflinks News of the case was carried to Lincoln. William Scott was a prisoner in his tent, expecting to be shot next michael kors handbags outlet day. But the flaps of his tent were parted, and Lincoln stood before him. Scott said: "The President was the kindest man tiffany keyrings I had ever seen; I knew him at once by tiffany sets a Lincoln medal I had long worn. "I was scared at first, for I had never before talked cheap michael kors Bags store outlet with a great man; but Mr. Lincoln was so easy with me, so gentle, that I soon forgot my fright. "He asked me all about the people at home, the neighbors, the farm, and where I went to school, and who my schoolmates were. Then he asked me about mother and how she looked; and I tiffany rings was glad I michael kors purses outlet could take her photograph from cheap mk bags outlet my bosom and show it to him.