In the recent European Cup qualifier Spain no Matta's name in the list, he said: "maybe I can better realize their value in England. I came to Manchester United but also to be able to play the game, I would play like before. Manchester United are a great club, I am very proud of, if you look at the Old Trafford Museum, you will know what it means to wear the shirt. ” Mata said Manchester United and Manchester City's Derby is great, but there is catch up with Manchester United and Liverpool clash. Many experts and the Premier League teams Mata on Robin van Persie impressed, Bell, Luis Suarez, that Suarez is almost Liverpool 70% power source. Mata, yanuzhayi two Manchester United team-mate Wayne Rooney is also full of praise. To transfer records to join Manchester United this summer, di Maria, Matta said: "he was very professional, and is a phenomenon that can bring about a lot of things, defensive player impossible. "Mata also praised for Falcao said:" he was a great man, is the top scorer in the restricted area in the performance of amazing. ”