Kyung Southern University of North Korean studies expert Lin B Zhe (phonetic) said that North Korea "in the field of science and technology, a large number of inputs, not only for military purposes, and also for industrial and utility needs" services that may be provided by mail, maps and other Google products interested Google may request to allow the DPRK to send experts to learn the software and content upgrades. Said Viktor cars, Google red bottom heels Business investment in North Korea is very unlikely.Absolute dominance last month according to data released today by market research firm Net Applications, Microsoft Windows occupy a 91.74% share of the desktop operating system market, Windows XP market share of 43.74 percent, is the most popular desktop operating system. The data show that, Windows 7's market share of 40.85% immediately after the Windows XP, and catch up with the trend of the latter. In the various versions of Microsoft operating system, Windows 8's share rose from 1.11% in November to 1.72% in December, an increase of 0.61%. This suggests that Windows 8 devices push by Microsoft and its partners have received a certain effect on the price in the U.S. holiday shopping season. Clearly, Microsoft is still fresh in the field of desktop operating systems have opponents, only Microsoft Mac OS X, and part of the christian louboutin daffodile open-source Linux system shunt a small number of shares.
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