Video playback on a movable tablet is always an unquestionable priority if there is no way to appreciate beloved videos on household TV or possibly your phone. In relation to why many folks opt to utilize ASUS Transformer Prime for daily delight, let me give you the right answer. First of all, it is essential to spotlight its high res screen. Outfitted with a 1280 x 800p hi-def screen, the Transformer tablet pc takes away our anxiousness on color display quality and viewing angles when we play 1080p HD video on ASUS Transformer Prime . In the meantime, speed is rather significant specially when desirous to do more with the ASUS Transformer Prime, such as playing high-definition movie without delay. Owing to its much advanced cpu, the ASUS Transformer Prime could present us seamless full HD Blu-ray movie enjoyment. Admittedly, all excellent features equipped on ASUS Transformer Prime turn it into a flawless device for watching high definition Blu-ray movies. Yet, due to the absent of BD-ROM, the most suitable way to play 1080p HD video on ASUS Transformer Prime is wholly blocked. I know many Blu-ray devotees feel deeply frustrated with that truth. And so, any other ways accessible to meet our desires of playing Blu-ray movies on Transformer tablet? The answer is undeniably yes! Relating to how to transfer Blu-ray movies to ASUS Transformer Prime for unlimitedly playback, in truth an extremely effective Blu-ray ripper could do us a big favor. Fully aided by it, it is just a breeze to convert Blu-ray movies to ASUS Transformer Prime friendly video and add ripped Blu-ray movies to Transformer Prime. Undoubtedly awesome software! At this juncture need to realize how to detailedly complete the Blu-ray to ASUS Transformer Prime conversion? If that's the case, get along with me right away! For starters, you ought to get this Blu-ray ripper software downloaded and installed on your hard disk. Subsequently, work it and add Blu-ray movies to software list through clicking "Load BD" tab. Then, choose a Transformer Prime workable video format from "Profile" box. Last of all, just click bottom-right tab "Convert" to get the Blu-ray to Transformer Prime conversion started. If completed with the conversion, it's your time to watch Blu-ray movies on ASUS Transformer Prime! On the subject of how to track down the best quality Blu-ray ripper software, I highly suggest you to pay a visit to TopTenREVIEWS to uncover what you want! For all I know, Leawo Blu-ray Ripper is on the top of rank list!
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