put the bed sleeping mother taken away from me. The first two things, at least at the time I thought of little significance to me, and the third thing is so I have a fear of feeling pain and anger. I still remember waking up from a dream, occasionally, to see Lone Star snub of the window like a rag, like bats in blue-black night sky flying scenes in my mind a sense of fear and condensed into the cold, is an abandoned The ANGER feeling, my heart was taken away secretly hate my father, but also hated his father taken away my mother agreed. My heart care, not a small piece of confusion between the beds, but love. These still wanted to feel a little nike mercurial vapor superfly fg funny feeling, but it is my formative years in controlling my emotions really think. These ideas are too negative and too negative, it was like a cloud, blocking my view a comprehensive relationship with my father, nearly Lent as a man, he who shouldered the pressure of work and life, so that he too clumsy show his father. At the time I did not understand, just one week away from home 140 km back and forth, we need much love to support, this does not include those taken down from the back seat of the provincial capital, only filled with boxes before buying to get food, he usually is saved in the unit, all of the luxury, will stay through the weekend with the ADIDAS ADIPOWER PREDATOR TRX family to share. But deep in the details behind these feelings, how could be a worldly ignorant youth to appreciate it? I can feel is that his father never like someone else's father, as his son go to the movies or swimming, when the child is being bullied guard rushed out, make a boat for his son die or owl kite.I put my father and others have been unrealistic fatherly comparison, it is like going to get round features framed square, conclusion drawn is certainly negative and outdated. And this feeling governed my father's feelings, always lukewarm tepid, which makes my father, but also somewhat disappointed,