LEVEL 20 POKEMON ACCOUNTS IN DPSVIP.COMThe basic starter accountOur Pokemon Go smurfs are high quality accounts that have been professionally leveled to level 20+.They are 100% clean accounts, that has not chosen an in-game name, or a prefered gym, so the first thing you can do, is to choose your in game name, and chose which gym you wish to represent!All our accounts are 100% random, they are made for the sole purpose of making the grind to 20 quicker!Here is some key features to our Level 20 Pokemon go Accounts.YOU GET A LEVEL 20+ POKEMON GO ACCOUNT, WITH THE FOLLOWING:At least 100+ Pokemon currently owned ( average 150 Pokemon)The best ones are saved, the bad ones have been transferred to candyA minimum of 50000 Stardust9 eggs, ready to be put into incubators for hatchingNo chosen in-game nameNo chosen GymThe chance of a High CP / Rare PokemonAll level up rewards included, which means you have minimum the following in your item box6 Incense5 Lure Models5 Lucky Eggs5 Egg Incubators