as well as a "campaign addressed to the entrance of the warriors," the declaration:"We firmly believe that heavy calendar third year, you will certainly want to harvest, as well as strong and mature warrior to Come winds blow! My warriors, let us re-experiencing the third year; youthful companion, Xinxiong bottomless!"At this time this year, Yang Yuan youth halted.After the death of her teacher heard that the first sentence is: "Young Yuan is not very cheerful do?" Then he was silent for a child, he repeated this sentence.Several of her best friend said: "I'm shocked, never thought Yang Yuan would commit suicide." Li Huirong recently seen on television news of Nike GS Football Boots suicide candidates too, but she did not expect cheerful Yang Yuan, even as the protagonist and news.Yang Yuansheng liked the guy in front, put his QQ signature changed: "Young guns, I want you."At 22:00 on June 22, Yang Yuan in the second floor of his room and other achievements, Hu Qun on the first floor bath. Finally, the college entrance examination scores came.Yang Yuan wrote last letter to their parents. She went to the coffee table brought a fruit knife, toward his left wrist cut, soaked with blood on the blade. But the blade is not deep, there is no cut to the vein. She went downstairs, rummaged through a NIKE MERCURIAL VAPOR IX drawer wooden tables piled debris to find a bottle of pesticide aluminum phosphide used insecticide. She swallowed three pills.Just showered her mother said: "I went home to get candidates uncle Guide."She wore slippers out the door, and did not go home a few steps uncle home. She has walked into the village, went to the auxiliary lane highway, and finally walk, fell down.Yesterday evening, the ferry company's four boats in the waters near the ferry terminal rescued two women into the sea, into the sea, another man's life preserver thrown to everyone blind, and even push it, and then sink the sea.