Compared with the speed of the Beijing police, Wanning police "Principal open room with female students' case response faster. However, such a response itself has become a source of questioning. CCTV reported that police said the girls take the initiative to contact the two men, and then there are KTV to sing, drink, go to hotels open room such acts. Xinhua News Agency dispatch said, Wanning City Public Security Bureau of Criminal Investigation Brigade deputy captain Li Youheng said Chen Moupeng Mannings second primary school and the city Housing Authority staff Fengmou Song with six young girls during the open house, do not have sex. Parents claimed that the preliminary investigation five people were breaking the hymen, but was once again the police requested medical examination, the conclusion has become the hymen intact. NIKE AIR MAX LUNAR We still want to believe that this is the case the police response does not mean that the entire police response to the problem. But these cases, the police does have worth pondering content. Since the media age, pursuing four hours golden rule. Have responded within 4 hours, rumors can not afford. Four hours later, rumors spread like wildfire. Precisely because the police response, and only in line with such a fast-paced, rather than by day by day to measure, can run in front of the rumors.However, since the media age, public opinion also seems to be a spotlight on all of your responses to be irradiated, even resolve completely. When the response is not to mysteries, can not uncover the truth, do not meet the common sense logic, they tend to become the object being questioned. Mannings police response, is such a specimen. Air Max Lunar White Blue Grey Public response from the police, the police are questioning Justifying, excuse for criminal suspects, is that the police response to non-sense, some of the practices anomaly. Girls in primary schools initiative to contact the principal to do those things? The reason so you have the nerve, no wonder the network condemning everywhere. During the open house, did not have sexual relations, but so what happened? After the first inspection, why do review? Before and after the result has very different?Maybe some people will wonder, really a dilemma. Slow response wrong, responded faster nor, in the end how to do it satisfactory? This reflects from one side, some local police response from the media age is difficult dilemma. Does not react against the surging public opinion is certainly Xiabulaitai. Belated reaction, the same can not cross the border.
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