cheap jeans history of cluster first degree relatives with cluster headaches are much more likely to have them as well. There are also external factors that are thought to trigger cluster headaches. These include use of alcohol, stress, exhaustion, exposure to certain chemicals or perfumes and ingestion of certain medications such as nitroglycerin and histamines. Smoking cigarettes and eating processed meats are also thought to have a triggering affect. Location is also a factor: cluster headaches appear to be less common near the equator and more common near the North and South poles. While cluster headac. wholesale jerseys hes can affect anyone, those in the highest risk factor are men between the ages of 30 and 40 with a family history of cluster headaches. The two types of cluster headaches are episodic and chronic. Episodic cluster headaches are those that occur on a daily schedule, usually at the same time each day. This cycle tends to last for several weeks until a remission of a month or several months sets in. People who have more than one cycle of cluster headaches within a year, and also have a remission of at least a month withi. cheap handbags n that same year, are considered to have episodic cluster headaches. Chronic cluster headaches are less common, affecting between ten and fifteen percent of the cluster headache population. People with chronic cluster headaches can have cluster headaches every day for years and years. If the cluster headaches last for over a year and no remission is present, the condition is considered to be chronic. A person with cluster headaches can switch between the two types, going from chronic to episodic and vice versa. They c. wholesale handbags an also have remission periods that last for decades at a time. Treatment of Cluster Headaches While cluster headaches have no cure, there are several types of treatment options aimed at alleviating pain and making cluster headaches less deb***itating. However, some conventional treatment options, such as the use of Aspirin and Ibuprofen, do not stop the pain from a cluster headache. Along these lines, biofeedback, a relaxation technique known to help some types of headaches, also has no affect. Some people have minor relief by taking narcotic pain killers, but because the pain is often too intense for even narcotics to eliminate, and because the cluster headache is often prevalent for a length