sometimes he throws me in one over that I dont expect, as he did three year ago, when I got Mary Jones, a young woman of nineteen who come up to Tyburn with a infant at her breast, and was worked off for taking a piece of cloth off the counter of a shop in Ludgate Hill, and putting it down again when the shopman see her; and who had never done any harm before, and only tried to do that, in consequence of her husband having been pressed three weeks previous, and she being left to beg, with two young childrenas was proved upon the trial. Ha ha!— Well! That being the law and the practice of England, is the glory of England, ant it, Muster GashfordCertainly, said the secretaryAnd in times to come, pursued the hangmanif our grandsons should think of their grandfathers times, and find these things altered, theyll say, “Those were days indeed, nike high heels uk and weve been going down hill ever since. Wont they, Muster GashfordI have no doubt they will, said the secretaryWell then, look here, said the hangmanIf these Papists gets into power, and begins to boil and roast instead of hang, what becomes of my work! If they touch my work thats a part of so many laws, what becomes of the laws in general, what becomes of the religion, what becomes of the country!— Did you ever go to church, Muster GashfordEver! repeated the secretary with some indignation; ‘of courseWell, said the ruffianIve been oncetwice, counting the time I was christenedand when I heard the Parliament prayed for, and thought how many new hanging laws they made every sessions, I considered that I was prayed for. Now mind, Muster Gashford, said the fellow, taking up his stick and shaking it with a ferocious airI mustnt have my Protestant work touched, nor this here Protestant state of things altered in no degree, if I can help it; I mustnt have no Papists interfering with me, unless they come to be worked off in course of law; I mustnt have no biling, no roasting, no fryingnothing but hanging. My lord may well call me an earnest fellow. In support of the great Protestant principle of having plenty of that, Ill, and here he beat his club upon the groundburn, fight, killdo anything you bid me, so that its bold and devilishthough the end of it was, that I got hung myself.— There, Muster Gashford! He appropriately followed up this frequent prostitution of a noble word to the vilest purposes, by pouring out in a kind of ecstasy at least a score of most tremendous oaths; then wiped his heated face upon his neckerchief, and criedNo Popery! Im a religious man, by G—! Gashford had leant back in his chair, regarding him with eyes so nike dunk heels high sunken, and so shadowed by his heavy brows, that for aught the hangman saw of them, he might have been stone blind. He remained smiling in silence for a short time longer, and then said, slowly and distinctlyYou are indeed an earnest fellow, Dennisa most valuable fellowthe staunchest man I know of in our ranks. But you must calm yourself; you must be peaceful, lawful, mild as any lamb. I am sure you will be thoughAy, ay, we shall see, Muster Gashford, we shall see. You wont have to complain of me, returned the other, shaking his headI am sure I shall not, said the secretary in the same mild tone, and with the same emphasisWe shall have, we think, about next month, or May, when this Papist relief bill comes before the house, to convene our whole body for the first time. My lord has thoughts of our walking in procession through the streetsjust as an innocent display of strengthand accompanying our petition down to the door of the House of CommonsThe sooner the better, said Dennis, with another oathWe shall have to draw up in divisions, our numbers being so large; and, I believe I may venture to say, resumed Gashford, affecting not to hear the interruptionthough I have no direct instructions to that effectthat Lord George has thought of you as an excellent leader for one of these parties. I have no doubt you would be an admirable oneTry me, said the fellow, with an ugly winkYou would be cool, I know, pursued the secretary, still smiling, and still managing his eyes so that he could watch him closely, and really not be seen in turnobedient to orders, and perfectly temperate. You would lead your party into no danger, I am certainId lead them, Muster Gashford,the hangman was beginning in a reckless way, when Gashford started forward, laid his finger on his lips, and feigned to write, just as the door was opened by John GruebyOh! said John, looking in; ‘heres another ProtestantSome other room, John, cried Gashford in his blandest voiceI am engaged just now. But John had brought this new visitor to the door, cheap nike heels and he walked in unbidden, as the words were uttered; giving to view the form and features, rough attire, and reckless air, of Hugh. Chapter 38 The secretary put his hand before his eyes to shade them from the glare of the lamp, and for some moments looked at Hugh with a frowning brow, as if he remembered to have seen him lately, but could not call to mind where, or on what occasion. His uncertainty was very brief, for before Hugh had spoken a word, he said, as his countenance cleared upAy, ay, I recollect. Its quite right, John, you neednt wait. Dont go, DennisYour servant, master, said Hugh, as Grueby disappearedYours, friend, returned the secretary in his smoothest mannerWhat brings YOU here? We left nothing behind us, I hope? Hugh gave a short laugh, and thrusting his hand into his breast, produced one of the handbills, soiled and dirty from lying out of doors all night, which he laid upon the secretarys desk after flattening it upon his knee, and smoothing out the wrinkles with his heavy palmNothing but that, master. It fell into good hands, you seeWhat is this! said Gashford, turning it over with an air of perfectly natural surpriseWhere did you get it from, my good fellow; what does it mean? I dont understand this at all. A little disconcerted by this reception, Hugh looked from the secretary to Dennis, who had risen and was standing at the table too, observing the stranger by stealth, and seeming to derive the utmost satisfaction from his manners and appearance. Considering himself silently appealed to by this action, Mr Dennis shook his head thrice, as if to say of GashfordNo. He dont know anything at all about it. I know he dont. Ill take my oath he dont; and hiding his profile from Hugh with one long end of his frowzy neckerchief, nodded and chuckled behind this screen in extreme approval of the secretarys proceedingsIt tells the man that finds it, to come here, dont it? asked HughIm no scholar, myself, but I showed it to a friend, and he said it didIt certainly does, said Gashford, opening his eyes to their utmost width; ‘really this is the most remarkable circumstance I have ever known. How did you come by this piece of paper, my good friendMuster Gashford, wheezed the hangman und