These children's psychology is very fragile, not to mention too strong mental stimulation horror game, even some small setbacks in life will knock them!" Guo said that their children at home, watched horror film after some time the old himself, suspicious, woke up several times in a nightmare, not to mention experience "haunted house" was.Reporters noted that both the inlet or outlet, this "haunted house" do not hang in a prominent position on the business license. In this regard, "haunted house" operators is prevarication. "All in all, you can completely relax completely liberated areas, release the pressure." Operator that operates this home "NIKE LEBRON 10 haunted house" of the mind is to work intensely stressful city people, come here, come the black channel, a little bit of his own stress and distress are relieved, and did not think it would scare the residents nearby, did not expect to be so affected children are welcome.In this regard, the Beijing Youth Legal and Psychological Counseling Center Master Ren Zongchun Hill said that teenagers have a quest for novelty desire, their desire to break the dull, which is causing them to "terrorist" swarm the main reason. Adolescents subjected to Christmas LeBron 10 Shoes strong stimulation, feeling very excited, but it can also form a psychological shadow therefore, is not conducive to physical and mental health.Evening News ran a hospital with his accomplices sneak theft of electric vehicles, when the implementation of the arrest when the police come, they staged a hostage drama in the process of fighting tool will police ran a scratch. Recently, Jiading court ruling on the case, Ran a result of obstruction of official crime was sentenced to ten months.