as the case may be considered upon graduation. Which do not support "Bi marriage" one of the biggest reason is "not financially independent, would adversely affect marital life", accounting for 53.1%; followed that Bi marriage "is inexperienced impulsive choice", accounting for 34.2%. The major challenge facing the school, 12.1% of people choose not to "Bi marriage" to "Bi points.""Faced with the reality, we must overcome some emotional impulses." Lin told reporters that her ex-boyfriend six months ago, had been raised by the idea of ??marriage after graduation, but she also this little tempted, but in suffering heavy The process of looking for work, the original feelings that point has also been worn depleted. kobe bryant shoes "For the love, the graduate is a touchstone of how deep feelings, try to know." Lin and her boyfriend broke the fuse is not to stay in Beijing work, "he hometown Handan, my home in Qingdao previously said OK, and we both graduated to stay in Beijing to work hard together slowly but difficult to find work this year, from the end of last year to the spring of this year, we participated in numerous job fairs, did not find a desired job He'll get a little shaken up, carrying me and see if I can contact the home organization of work in the home. " In April, my boyfriend suddenly told Li Lin, Nike Kobe 7 he got a job, is a hotel in Handan public relations, and He learned business management expertise was not too far away, starting over 3000, at a local not low. He was very happy, I hope Lin able to work together, and he returned to Handan, and Lin said that the home will help to find a job, two people can get married in his hometown.Expectant eyes face boyfriend, Lin is a strong feeling of disappointment, the two big fight for this thing a few games, two weeks after the last break up. "I think my boyfriend is not love him, do not want to follow him back home, but why should I sacrifice myself for his dream it?
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