The first 27 minutes, fifa 15 account for sale missed a great opportunity in Japan, Costa Rica positions consecutive short passes will tear to pieces, but the ball near the penalty spot a further shot interlude Honda selection panel, was promptly returning defender siege. The first 29 minutes, Osako Yong also stopping back to do the penalty area, after Hotaru Yamaguchi plug Chan She fell to the ground, the ball was confiscated by the goalkeeper. The first 31 minutes, the first goal of Costa Rica, Japan, the right of defense Houchangchangzhuan find neutral, Dias pass to the point, Louis kissing immediate concern Tuishe, 1 0. The first 42 minutes, Kagawa Road break into the box, but his right foot shot slightly lighter forces, confiscated goalkeeper. The second half began, the Japanese side continuously put Yasuhito Endo and Shinji Okazaki. The first 48 minutes, Shinji Okazaki back to do the right sink to the bottom, Kagawa small frontier closed area kicker shot blocked goalkeeper, Osako Yong also missed the ball tip. The first 53 minutes, crossing the ball left Keisuke Honda, Shinji Okazaki Youlei into the restricted area, right foot shot was FIFA 14 Coins blocked Costa Rica goalkeeper. The first 57 minutes, Costa Rica's counterattack almost worked, but restricted the right of small angle Campbell Tui was confiscated Kawashima. The first 60 minutes, Japan to tie the FiFa 14, the right side of the penalty area Keisuke Honda stopping cross, before the point of a leak intentional collusion of players, high speed plug Yasuhito Endo shot to break, this is the Endo played 143 FiFa 14s for the country Japan first in team history , scored the first 13 goals, his last goal for the national team last September 10 at home against Ghana in a friendly.