This year's entry fee may still be 99,999 yuan, 5 '9 'represent Lang Syne, soon fell in love ......" Speaking of which, Qufu Jiang suddenly paused, smiled, "I'm sorry, this is a commercial secret, fees not yet finalized. "ten thousand beauties only 40 finalists, more than 10,000 people who signed up, pick 40 female guests; than 50,000 applicants, only 200 Lady has appeared opportunities. Auditions for interview is to determine the "lucky" the usual means. Qufu Jiang said that this process, hot like super girl, Yan Guo stewardess. Online registration will be taken first blind way, more than 10,000 girls through layers of screening, NIKE LEBRON 10 and ultimately have the opportunity to meet with Regal only 140 people. The first is the online audit, preliminary staff review of these girls data eleven, more than 30 years old do not have a history of not married, photographs do not look seductive, so that eliminated a half people; left more than 4,000 people, by a staff of more than 20 were with them on the phone and video communication, the feel of leaving 2,000 people into the interview; interviews tend to be more than a month, by the love consultants, psychologists, counselors and other components of the team, LeBron X Fireberry Sale met with seventy to eighty people a day , about 10 minutes per interview. After three screening, leaving 140 candidates competing 40 female guests party places. These candidates were good looks, height 162 cm or more, have a college education, conversation flowing. Among them, there are some overseas students, Peking University Tsinghua University graduate students, as well as teachers, civil servants and so on. 140 into the 40 race, almost brutal, if the girl neck a mole, or do not do housework, are likely to be eliminated. This session,