Nike air force bred 11s for sale Series Introduction The most extravagant nike basketball shoes , starting 16000RMB Nike Air Force 1 was born in 1982, being deeply rooted in basketball. Was selected six basketball players to endorse this shoe: Moses Malone (Moses Malone), Michael Cooper (Michael Cooper), Jamal Wilkes (Jamaal Wilkes), Bobby Jones (Bobby Jones) Mitchell Thompson (Mychal Thompson) and Calvin Knight (Calvin Natt), they are carefully selected defensive specialist, who will this basketball shoe to the world. Classic posters, tough attitude, Malone and his partners show AF1 six elements of success: great, durable, and beyond, bold, consistent and pure. AF1 conquer the Earth! Nike elected in 1982, the "original six" professional basketball player as a spokesman for Air Force 1, Zhang Jingdian their posters from the track to take off successfully over the basketball and culture, from this moment on, basketball has been no longer used to define the basketball. Because of this, this masterpiece dressed Bruce Kilgore "original six" photo tells a kind of brand and different relationship between the basketball players, this relationship to the real needs of athletes to achieve the goal. In this "original six" Moses Malone (Moses Malone), Michael Cooper (Michael Cooper), Jamal Wilkes (Jamaal Wilkes), Bobby Jones (Bobby Jones), Mitchell Thompson (Mychal Thompson) and Calvin Knight (Calvin Natt) took this photo 25 years later, they won the endorsement of the product is still resonate, people recognized that they pass not only the realism And make them wear basketball shoes to become immortal. In fact, Air Force 1 is not just apair of shoes: it is an experience, it is a culture of their birthplace with a connecting bridge, bred 11s and this culture and make it their own survival. In 2007, nike re select the six star endorsement Air Force 1. Even Air Force 1 has left the basketball court, jordan 11 bred but it is still the sport forever. Kobe Bryant Special Edition af1 Bryant, LeBron James, Rasheed Wallace, Amare Stoudemire, Tony Parker and cultural Carter to become Air Force 1 "New Six" , assume the Air Force 1 carry forward the spirit of the historic mission. 12 fine Air Force 1, particularly for the 30 NBA teams to build Air Force 1, prices as high as 16,000 bred 11s 2012 yuan Air Force Lux Pack . . every pair of shoes are addictive, reveals the unique Air Force 1 charm. Similarly, Air Force 1 has been given expression in the shoes of different topics is even more collectors become prey. Some have even been marked to a million of the price. Or celebrity entertainment, many people are have a pair of specific (exclusive) of the Air Force 1 proud. When Kobe Bryant this summer NBA 2007, after endorsement SONY, SONY gave him a gift is a pair of the world limited Air Force 1 playstation. Even in China, Air Force 1 trend of the wind the same prosperous. Many young people will have a pair of Air Force1, because it is self style show, when the Hip Hop has been sweeping the world, Air Force 1 with naturally became essential. Led by the Air Force 1 sneakers culture so many people of the enchanted.  
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